Terms of Use | IS☉IS Data

Production of Integrated Science Investigation of the Sun (IS☉IS) data is funded as part of NASA's Parker Solar Probe mission under contract NNN06AA01C. Use of any IS☉IS data should include the following acknowledgement and also refer to the publication provided below.


        “Thanks to the Integrated Science Investigation of the Sun (IS☉IS) Science Team (PI: David McComas, Princeton University).”

Reference Publication:

        McComas, D. J. et al. (2016), Integrated Science Investigation of the Sun (IS☉IS): Design of the Energetic Particle Investigation, Space Science Reviews, 204, 187-256, doi:10.1007/s11214-014-0059-1.


Production of IS☉IS public data reflects current instrument calibration as determined by the IS☉IS science team. Calibration efforts are ongoing and public data will be updated over the course of the mission based on improved understanding of instrument response to the near-Sun energetic particle environment. The IS☉IS visualization tools are provided as a quicklook utility for the community to better access the IS☉IS data and are under continual development. While we make every effort to ensure their accuracy, we cannot guarantee they are error-free. For questions regarding the use of IS☉IS data, please contact Colin Joyce (cjjoyce@princeton.edu).